Frequently asked questions 



Why am I always redirected to Booking?


Myboutiquehotel help you find the best boutique hotels worldwide,  Booking manage the reservation. Myboutiquehotel is your reference site for boutique hotels, but we have chosen not to negotiate prices and availability with hotels directly. We have called on Booking, the number 1 in this field, to handle your reservations with the best conditions and above all with the guarantee of a room on your arrival.

How do you earn your money?


A commission is paid to us each time you book on Booking via our website myboutiquehotel.com.  (You must visit Myboutiquehotel before being directed to Booking).

Please note that if you book directly through Booking, say three days later, we will no longer receive any commission.

How can I be sure I am booking on the Booking website with Myboutiquehotel?


You can spot the Myboutiquehotel logo at the top of the page on the Booking website. You can also go directly to our Booking affiliate site by clicking here.


Can I book on your site without going through Booking?


Yes, you can make a reservation on our website myboutiquehotel.com, and your booking will be processed by Booking.

I'd like to organize a seminar. Who should I contact?


We can put you in touch with a selection of boutique hotels to organize your next seminar. Click on CORPORATE in the menu and fill in the form, or click here

I need to book several rooms on different dates. How can I do this?


You will need to make a reservation for each date. You can also contact us here, and we'll be happy to help you make your reservations.

Can I make a reservation by phone?


Yes, of course. You can contact us by e-mail, WhatsApp and even book an appointment online here. Go to the menu and click CONTACT HERE