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Whether you want to deal with the availability of spa facilities or an inn with a great bar and restaurant is your priority, we're here to help you track down boutique hotels in resorts and cities like New York that offer star quality. From hotels by the beach to hotel rooms close to famous or historic American monuments, you are bound to find the best rooms at the best prices. From the Eastern seaboard of the USA to Pacific-facing California, there will be a suitable deal for you. Read on to discover more about boutique hotel availability in the USA.

America is so vast and varied it’s impossible to even begin to describe in a short destination guide – instead, here are some of our most popular US destinations.


New York, NY

Discover Boutique Hotels in New York City: Experience the Ultimate Urban Escape
Welcome to the world of boutique hotels in New York, where luxury meets comfort in the city that never sleeps. As the most captivating metropolis on the planet, New York City offers an unforgettable experience, brimming with iconic landmarks, unparalleled shopping, and exquisite dining options.
Manhattan is the heart of New York City's vibrant atmosphere, and it's here that you'll uncover the best boutique hotels New York offers. These stylish accommodations provide the perfect setting for indulging in the city's rich culture, with easy access to must-see attractions such as the Empire State Building, Broadway, Central Park, and countless world-class restaurants, bars, and clubs.
When you choose boutique hotels in New York City, you'll enjoy an unparalleled blend of personalized service, unique design, and modern amenities, all set against the backdrop of the most exhilarating city in the world. Immerse yourself in the Big Apple's enchanting ambiance and discover what makes boutique hotels New York's most sought-after accommodations. Book your unforgettable stay today and experience the magic of New York City like never before.
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Boutique Hotels Chicago

Chicago, IL 
Discover Boutique Hotels in Chicago: Embrace the City's Architectural Wonders and Vibrant Culture
Nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago is renowned for its striking skyline and boasts one of the world's finest collections of modern architecture. When you stay at boutique hotels in Chicago, you'll be perfectly positioned to explore the city's incredible museums, including the must-visit Art Institute of Chicago, and immerse yourself in its lively jazz and blues music scene.
Experience the beauty of the Windy City with a sunset cruise along the Chicago River, or indulge in the city's culinary delights, which rival those of Los Angeles and New York City while often being more reasonably priced. Boutique hotels in Chicago provide the ultimate base from which to discover everything this captivating metropolis offers, combining style, luxury, and personalized service for an unforgettable stay.
Book your boutique hotel in Chicago today and embark on a journey to uncover the city's architectural masterpieces, thriving arts scene, and world-class dining experiences.
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Washington, DC

Capital of the US and its seat of government, Washington attracts tourists in its millions but rarely feels crowded. The major sights such as the White House, Washington Monument and the Smithsonian Institution are all fairly close together along the central mall, while in the evening you might want to head to the bars and restaurants of the historic Georgetown or the hipster Adams Morgan district.
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Boutique Hotels Miami Beach


The Sunshine State, Florida, is best known for miles of sandy beaches and its theme parks, but the state has more to offer than that. The hundred-mile string of islands of Florida Keys is the place to go sports fishing and reef-diving, or you may prefer to explore the alligator-filled plain of the Everglades. Miami is both a beautiful city and a cultural hub with many galleries, museums, and great restaurants.
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Loved for its spicy home-cooked food, many festivals, and its busy music scene, Louisiana (particularly New Orleans) is a lively destination that is always full of surprises. Spend some time in the beautiful and historic French Quarter and take in the countryside on a paddlewheel boat river cruise.
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Boutique Hotels Louisiana

Boutique Hotels Los Angeles





Probably too large to be explored in a single trip, highlights of California include the effortlessly hip city of San Francisco, the national park of Yosemite, the vast desert of Death Valley (the hottest place on earth), golden beaches and, of course, the glitz and glamour of Los  Angeles and Hollywood.
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Welcome to the boutique hotels of the United States

Few countries boast the sheer availability of boutique and luxury hotel accommodations that the United States does. Throughout the USA, there are plenty of cheap motels and mid-ranking hotels you could stay in. However, from New Mexico in the south to Rhode Island in the north, the United States offers so much more to its domestic and overseas guests. Typically, this is because four and five star rated hotels provide considerably more luxury than the everyday stopover a traveler might also consider booking. Bear in mind, though, that boutique rooms won't necessarily come at considerably higher prices per night. Indeed, if you decide to center yourself in a city or a resort for several days, then sometimes, it comes as quite a surprise how economical luxury hotel accommodation can become. So, if you want to book a city stopover in New York City or are considering a road trip along the famous Californian coastal road, then remember just what a good deal boutique hotels can be.

What makes boutique hotel rooms in the USA stand out?

As well as the greater luxury rooms in boutique hotels afford, you can typically expect superior service. You'll usually notice this from the front-desk reception right through to the perfect room arrangements and layouts. Boutique rooms often have the best views and will often feature unique design touches, such as local art on the walls or a book about the historic local sights you can read during your stay. What's more, you can also expect to be located in the heart of the city or resort you are staying in. No traveler wants to walk a long way from their hotel just to get to where the town's restaurants, bars, and nightlife might be located. Even if you book a room in one of those resorts where there isn't much to do outside of your hotel, a boutique room will typically mean there is a hotel bar and restaurant located on the property. In boutique hotels, restaurants are often stylish with some of the best menus around, too, perfect for unwinding after a busy day sightseeing in the city or even if you've just been relaxing on the beach all day.

When are the best hotel prices on offer in the USA?

This will depend on the resorts you want to stay in. Typically, however, the highest prices coincide with the holiday season when hotels need to house more guests than usual. If there's an art show or a convention in the city during your stay, then you will need to book early to get a good deal. That said, many luxury hotels in the United States have lots and lots of rooms, so prices won't necessarily fluctuate that much, even during busy periods of travel. Of course, if you book a historic hotel, then room numbers can be more limited, which will inevitably affect prices. Finally, on hotel prices, bear in mind that ski resorts in America will often be booked up from dates running from about the middle of November. Choose dates after the snows have melted for your stay, or consider a place further from the slopes if you're just passing through and won't be skiing. 

What facilities can I expect from my chosen boutique hotel?

Always read what is on offer at your hotel and take a view on whether this meets your full expectations. Bear in mind that some room prices include some services for free, but others may need to be paid for. Typically, boutique hotels in the United States provide free Wi-Fi to guests, but you may need to pay a supplement for faster speeds, for example. In addition, you should expect a pool. Nearly every hotel in America, even a very low-class establishment, will often have an outdoor pool. Bear in mind, however, that the quality and size of the pool in a boutique hotel will put it into a different class altogether. Access to the pool and any spa facilities should be free, but read what is included before you book. It is no good to have your heart set on using a spa for beauty treatments if the room deal doesn't include spa treatments, only access to the spa itself, for instance. Remember, too, that whichever luxury hotel you have selected, the establishment should offer room service. If you don't want to eat in the hotel restaurant and want privacy during your stay, this will be good to know and something you cannot expect from inferior accommodation providers.

Where should you stay in the USA for a memorable trip?

From Mexico at its southern border to the wonderful Rocky Mountains in its northeast, California is one of the best locations for a road trip on the planet. With so many boutique hotels you can deal with to make each step of the journey a memorable day, there are few better choices. Florida is another tourist hotspot in the United States, and the property types are very diverse, with plenty of Art Deco-style hotels, for example. If you'd like to stay in a historic inn that's full of style, then anywhere in New England and upstate New York would be a good option. Another place worth mentioning is Hawaii, an island chain in the Pacific, which offers guests a spectacular view from almost every corner. Even better, you can often obtain a great deal when booking boutique hotel rooms on a lesser-visited island destination, such as Lanai, which is perfect for a luxury beach vacation.

How can you get a deal when you book boutique rooms?

If you are going to stay just one night, then you will often get the standard room prices quoted to you. However, some boutique hotels offer a deal if you book a certain number of nights. This is perfect if you will be staying in just one city or resort without traveling much. Another good tip for getting a deal is to choose a four-star hotel instead of a five-star one. Sometimes, the differences are not great and are only a matter of style preference. There again, taking time to read about group bookings can also lead to obtaining a special deal. Ask for a deal on prices if you are set on booking multiple boutique rooms. The number of guests in your party can make a big difference to quoted prices and the availability, or otherwise, of a hotel deal.

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