FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Asked questions and anwsers about rates, bookings and your credit card.  

1- Rates & conditions 

2- Credit card 

3- Reservation 

4- Changing or cancelling a reservation

1- Rates and Conditions


As is the case with many flights and train ticket offers, promotions on reduced hotel rooms cannot be cancelled or modified once they have been purchased.

1 – Non-refundable bookings.
Non-refundable rates are usually subject to a 10-30% reduction on the original rate. Once your reservation has been made, changes can no longer be made without additional charges, nor can the reservation be cancelled. The hotel generally debits the full amount from your credit card a few hours after the reservation has been made. You could be asked to sign for this amount after arriving at the hotel. If you cancel or curtail your stay, you will not be reimbursed.
These rates often come under the title: “non-flexible, non-changeable, non-exchangeable, non-refundable, early booking, pre-paid”.
2 – Non exchangeable / Non refundable reservations:  
You can modify or cancel your reservation, without charge, up to a few days before your arrival. Your payment will either be processed on arrival or on the day of your departure.
These rates often come under the title: “flexible, exchangeable, refundable rates, free cancellation”.
Your credit card will only be used as a guarantee and will not be charged to your account.
Why is the “______” rate is not available?

Hotels often offer different rates depending on whether you stay is at the weekend, during the week, or in high or low season. Promotions generally take place in low season or early during the week.
Why is the promotional rate not available?
Promotional rates are only offered on a limited number of rooms during selected periods or on specific days. It may be the case that you have chosen dates outside of these periods.
What is included in the rate? 
Before making your reservation, click on ‘conditions’ to confirm what is included in the price of the room, for example, breakfast or tax. 
Once your reservation has been made, you will be sent a confirmation email outlining the details and terms and conditions of your booking.

2- Credit card transactions 


Do I need a credit card to make an on-line booking?

99% of all hotels require a credit card in order to guarantee the booking. 


Will my credit card be debited?

Your credit card will be charged depending on the type of rate that has been chosen. (See table of rated and conditions). 


- Non cancelable rate -> The hotel can debit your card at anytime after the booking 

- Free cancelation -> No déposit will be changed

(most of the time, see " condition" during the booking process) 


Who will debit my credit card?

All charges will be made by the hotel. Myboutiquehotel.com will never debit your credit card.


Can other forms of payment be used?

Yes, you can pay by cash at the hotel, but need a credit card to secure the booking. 


Who will be able to access my credit card details?

The hotel and the hotel only. Myboutiquehotel uses a SSL security certificate and no-one, with the exception of the hotel, will be able to access your credit card details and they will remain protected.


Is my credit card protected?


Myboutiquehotel uses a SSL security certificate ( https : //secure.myboutiquehotel.com/) which is used to transfer your details to the hotel.  


3- My reservation 


How will I know that my reservation has been confirmed?

Your reservation is confirmed the moment you have entered your details, credit card number and validated the booking by clicking on “__résumé et vérification_”

A reservation number will appear on the screen and a confirmation email will be sent to the email address given at the time of the booking.


Where can I find the contact details for the hotel?

The contact details for the hotel (address, email, telephone number) can be found in the confirmation email that you received at the time of your booking. 

I did not receive a confirmation email.

Be sure to check your junk mail folder. If you experience any problems whilst making your booking, please contact

booking (at) myboutiquehotel.com 

Do I need a receipt?

The hotel is obligated to provide you with a receipt for your stay. This can be requested on departure. 

Are there any additional or special rates when booking for children?

Some hotels may charge extra for a rollaway bed or a crib available for children. This possible extra charge is not always displayed with hotel rates. During the online booking process please place your request for any extra bed/cot in the Special Requests box provided. It is advisable to email the hotel directly with your dates and ages of your children to confirm the exact rate that you will be charged for any additional accommodation. 








4- Changing or cancelling a reservation 


How can I make a change to or cancel my reservation?


You can change or cancel your reservation by using our on-line service “____________” You must provide your reservation number and pin code. This information is provided in the confirmation email sent to you at the time of booking.


How can I claim for a refund?

Depending on the terms and conditions, the hotel will normally reimburse your credit card. Please contact us if you experience any problems with your cancellation. We advise that you read the cancellation policy for your booking carefully.


I accidently booked the wrong dates. How can I make an amendment?

If you chose a rate that was exchangeable or refundable, you can modify your reservation on–line. If your booking is non-exchangeable or non-refundable, we advise that you directly contact the hotel immediately. Exchanges and refunds are at the discrepancy of the hotel.