The Best Boutique Hotels in Canada

Spend a night in any city in Canada based on superb reviews from guests with our list of luxury boutique hotels. Canada is a popular travel destination, with locations like Niagara Falls, Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto. To truly experience the best of Canada in each destination, we recommend you book a stay in a luxury boutique hotel room. Whether you stay at luxury suites or a private boutique hotel, we have a range of Canadian resorts and hotels based on great reviews from guests. Explore the reviews, look at the prices, dates, and details of each hotel on our site, and then book a special stay in Canada.

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Enter the Wild in Canada

Famous for its natural beauty, diverse and cosmopolitan cities, fine dining, and unique wildlife, it is no wonder that Canada is such a popular destination, as can be seen in traveler reviews. That is why booking a room in a boutique hotel in Canada is the best way to enjoy your stay in any location in the country. Whether you are in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, or Calgary, there is a boutique hotel or resort that will offer the best in luxury accommodations and good service, situated in a location as close to popular destinations as possible. Each hotel and resort also offers good-quality amenities, such as pet-friendly rooms, a restaurant, a pool, free parking, and spa facilities. To spend a night in the best boutique hotels and resorts in each city at a good price, we invite you to explore the rating and details on our site for each hotel and resort recommended by satisfied guests.

Where should I stay when booking a boutique hotel in Canada?

Each boutique hotel and resort in Canada we have selected is based on its high traveler rating. We have also chosen these hotels and resorts based on their location and proximity to the airport, city center, and popular downtown attractions. Each destination in Canada has something appealing to check out. Quebec is the heart of French Canada, and a stay in a hotel in Montreal and Quebec City provides a great opportunity to experience this unique culture. Not far from Quebec is the historic port of Halifax in Nova Scotia and the province of Ontario, home of the capital of Canada, Ottawa, as well as Toronto, the largest and most diverse city in Canada. This province is also home to natural landmarks such as Lake Ontario and the magnificent Niagara Falls.

Located within the famous Rocky Mountains, travel to Banff, home of breathtaking scenery, including majestic peaks, glaciers, and the beautiful Lake Louise. While in Alberta, pay a visit to Calgary for a taste of the Old West, Canada-style. British Columbia also has something for everyone, from the historic provincial capital, Victoria, to the vibrant cultural city that is Vancouver and the ski resorts in Whistler. No matter where you go in Canada, there is something for every traveler to enjoy. You can be sure to have the perfect stay in any destination when you pick a room at the best price in one of our boutique hotels and resorts with great views, complimentary breakfast, free parking, high reviews, and a central location near the airport, city center, and popular downtown sites.

What can I expect from a boutique hotel in Canada?

From a magnificent French-style chateau overlooking the waters of Lake Louise to a beautiful inn location in the heart of downtown Toronto, we offer a selection of the very best boutique hotels and resorts in Canada, handpicked based on reviews by guests and a high rating. For hotels and resorts located close to popular downtown areas, there’s a boutique hotel within view of the Fashion District of Toronto with a rooftop pool, wellness center, bar, and 24-hour lobby services. For Vancouver, there’s a boutique hotel available close to the BC Place Stadium with luxurious amenities, a casino, a gym, and a rooftop park. Over in Montreal, we have a downtown boutique hotel close to Notre-Dame Basilica, with free Wi-Fi, a café, and a bar. Many of these hotels and resorts also offer free breakfast, onsite parking, pet-friendly services, spa facilities, and other amenities to make your stay feel good and memorable. Read some of the details and reviews for each hotel on our site and book your night in one of these city locations at the best prices for your next stay in Canada.

If you are looking for boutique hotels and resorts close to nature, we have some great room options available. Stay in a grand chateau with panoramic views of Lake Louise and Victoria Glacier in Banff National Park, and enjoy spa facilities, a sports bar, onsite dining, a heated indoor pool, and ski hire. Or, on the slopes of Whistler, stay in a unique capsule hotel with private bathrooms, onsite dining options, and a terraced courtyard. Alternatively, stay in a unique hotel situated on the outskirts of Quebec City, where you can learn about the province’s First Nations through local cuisine, live cultural entertainment, and an onsite museum. Each boutique hotel and resort is designed to make each individual stay feel unique and memorable. Check the details for the residence in each location, read the details, and book your night for the best price at your chosen destination in Canada.

What amenities and services can I expect when I stay in a boutique hotel room?

Each of our boutique hotels and resorts offers its own services, facilities, and amenities designed to make each stay feel unique and luxurious. From refurbished buildings to modern designs, each will deliver an amazing experience within view of central locations. Many of the hotels and resorts have fewer rooms compared to major chain hotels, but this allows the staff to cater their services individually for each guest. Many also have additional facilities such as a spa, a courtyard, free breakfast, onsite parking, a pool, and pet-friendly rooms. To choose the best boutique hotels and resorts at the best prices, check our list for your next stay in Canada.

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