If you are looking for a vacation that is a little out of the ordinary set in picturesque surroundings, discover our selection of unusual boutique and design hotels located all around the world.
Reserve a room in one of our unconventional establishments and spend the night in unexpected surroundings. All are uniquely decorated and contemporary in design. Everything from the architecture, furniture to the atmosphere is unconventional.
Our selection has been adapted to meet your desire for an original experience. Stay in outstandingly beautiful and serene settings for a romantic weekend away; a narrow boat along the banks of the Seine; a bedroom with an open roof in the Portuguese countryside. We have plenty of places to offer for those who enjoy the pleasure of being immersed in nature; bungalows with bay windows that look out over sites of protected countryside; courtyards where you can take a bath and relax under the stars; a shelter in the heart of a Swedish forest.   
For art enthusiasts, we have put together a selection of design and boutique hotels entirely dedicated to art, situated in the artistic and cultural neighbourhoods of the city. Admire the artistic decor and enjoy the comfort of design and ultra modern furniture. Many of the buildings have been converted from surprising beginnings, such as from old shipping containers.
Whether you are playing the tourist or travelling for business, all of our unusual hotels and accommodation have something exceptional and original to offer. All this in keeping with an elegant and modern style encompassed in the luxury, yet simple, interior design. The furniture is contemporary and comfortable. Friendly staff provide impeccable service, completing a perfect stay in unforgettable surroundings.