We have selected a number of hotels with breathtaking and spectacular views. Large bay windows and terraces allow you to admire the ever-changing scenery, day and night. An ideal setting for a romantic getaway or business trip. 
If you are looking for luxury break in beautiful surroundings where you are in the ideal position/spot to contemplate the incredible views, we have something for you. The hotels that we have chosen are either situated in the centre of town, in the deep countryside, or along the coast. Our city hotels are positioned as such that the rooms provide impressive views over rooftops, major monuments or ports. Our country residencies give splendid viewpoints of luscious greenery, lakes and mountains that do the soul an untold amount of good if looking to escape the busy hum drum of city life. We also have destinations that are a little more exotic, for example, on a paradisiacal island, with views across the perfect white sand out across a clear green sea. 
All of our boutique hotels are contemporary in style and have been decorated with elegance and simplicity. Each is located in it’s own unique setting. The rooms are spacious and are enhanced with the addition of a balcony from which you can enjoy your own private view. Several of the hotels even have access to a roof terrace, some of which have been constructed at dizzying heights giving a unique perspective over your surroundings.
There are a variety of types of accommodation to choose from, from villas to hotels, with a range of styles to satisfy all tastes, of soothing classic elegance to bolder contemporary design.