miles: Conditions of use

Earn MILES swith all your recorded bookings on and buy your next prime ticket sooner on American Airlines Air France KLm  

INDICATION OF THE BOOKING RELATED MILES : while booking, the number of associated MILES ais indicated and changes according to the hotel

CONDITIONS : The MILES program of allows its customers to earn points that can be converted into air MILES with American Airlines, Air France KLM, once they have reached 1.000 points. Membership to the MILES program of is free. To become a member, you must first make a booking on

The MILES are valid for 2 years. In case of cancellation or no-show at the hotel, you will not be able to claim any point.

Under certain conditions, you may accumulate points by booking residential or semi-residential seminars. You will be advised of the conditions by your interlocutor as you proceed to your booking.

A booking can only credit a single myboutiquehotel MILES account, a myboutiquehotel MILES account can only be converted into air MILES on a single membership card. Myboutiquehotel MILES cannot be transfered to another member, they cannot be exchanged, or paid back.

  • You must make a booking on and stay at the hotel
  • As soon as you are back, you will be informed by email, and with your Flying Blue card, AA or Skyline card and your booking number, you will be able to activate your account or accumulate your points
  • As soon as you have reached 1.000 points, they will be converted into air MILES on your miles account. The conversion may take from 4 to 6 weeks before you can see these points added to your personal air reward account.
  • How to activate your account? Make a booking on for 3 nights for a total of 750 euros. You are going to earn 750 miles.
  • 48 hours after the check-out, you receive and email inviting you to activate your miles account on
  • Have your account reward number ( Flying Blue Air France KLM, AAdvantage American Airlines, Skymiles Delta Airlines, ) and your reservation number and click on the link received on your email
  • Double check the pre-registered information and fill in the form (specify one of the air program membership number)
  • Make sure the MILES have been credited. reserves the right to change the conditions and the calculation mode of theMILES at any time and without any notice. cannot be held responsible if the information you give are wrong

REQUESTS : any request must be made through the contact form.

CONFIDENTIALITY : is committed to keeping all the information you give absolutely confidential. Your data is secure and protected thanks to an SSL certificate.

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