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Your hotel is already listed on our collection

To be sure your hotel stay listed on our collection, please make sure to follow this next step... 

You must show to your website that you have been selected by myboutiquehotel.com for mutual benefits. You must add the following logo to your website. 



Add the " Selected by " Myboutiquehotel logo to your website.  


For multual benefits, we need you to add this logo " selected by " myboutiquehotel.com to your website. 
Could be the "home page" or your "partner page" 

You must copy and past the following html code. 


If you don't manage the HTML code, please contact your own webmaster. It's very easy and simple to do.   



Copy and past to your webpage this is the code:


<a href="http://www.myboutiquehotel.com" target="_blank" title="Boutique hotels + city"><img src="http://www.myboutiquehotel.com/img/selected-by-my-boutique-hotel.jpg" alt=My Boutique Hotel" width="120" height="120" border="0" /></a>

The meta title is important to us and Google. ( in a pink color, above )  

Please replace "+ city"   by " London" if your hotel is in London, =>  title="Boutique hotels London"

if your hotel is located in Paris, title="Boutique hotels Paris"

It appears as follow: 


Boutique hotels, design hotels 


You can change the size of the logo by adapting the settings on the "width & height" code.  

Please send an email to hotels@myboutiquehotel.com when it's done.