The best Boutique Hotels in Greece

Whether you want to stay on an island in the Mediterranean in one of the best hotels with a view of the beach or pool, or you'd prefer a cultural escape to a renowned center of civilization, like Athens, Greece has plenty of boutique accommodation options to choose from. Of course, prices vary depending on the hotel rating and particular destination, but you will certainly find property in Greece for a memorable stay. If you'd like to fall in love with a fabulous hotel, a coup de coeur, as the French say, then booking a Greek vacation in a tucked-away location is for you.

Best boutique hotels in Greece

Find your perfect boutique hotel booking in Greece

If you would like to enjoy a boutique vacation in a hotel or villa, which offers all guests a modern stay with plenty of traditional Greek service and luxury, then why not book a set of designer suites in a location that offers it all? In Greece, boutique hotels are often available to book at affordable prices, even if you opt for a luxury room or suite. Prices can include a private pool or other luxury features, such as an inclusive breakfast at the hotel restaurant. The service on offer will differ from hotel to hotel, so make sure you read all of the details before you book. That said, the best stay you can imagine is waiting for you in a boutique hotel somewhere in Greece, regardless of your property type preferences and other priorities, such as proximity to the beach.

Why is booking a fabulous boutique hotel in Greece a good idea?

Some people prefer villas for their stay in Greece. Although a villa vacation can feel like a home from home, a kind of mi casa es su casa feeling, it is not the same as booking a hotel for your Greek vacation. Villas tend to be self-catering in Greece, so you may need to hire a private cleaner or an outside caterer if you hire a villa. This won't be the case in a boutique hotel room or suites, however. Indeed, some hotel resorts, especially on the larger Greek islands, offer large detached suites that operate like private villas but on the hotel's grounds. This way, you get the best of both worlds: the privacy of a villa vacation with the service and facilities of the hotel. Bear in mind, too, that boutique hotel rooms tend to offer design features that you won't find in standard rooms. Some have direct access to the hotel pool, while others will have a balcony with sea views. Boutique rooms also tend to be decorated in a way that is more appealing to most guests, with design touches that are completely unique so your stay will feel more personal.

Where in Greece should you book a boutique hotel room?

Prices for an island break tend to rise from May when the holiday season in Greece begins in earnest. If you are looking for an island vacation in Crete, Mykonos, Santorini, or Rhodes, for example, then consider an April booking, avoiding the Easter holiday period, if you want more attractive prices. Some islands, such as Kos or Mykonos, are quite small. Therefore, you can explore them all during your stay, even if it is just for a few days. Hotel availability can be lower in destinations on smaller islands since there are fewer hotels and villas you can book rooms in. For more choice of hotels at the star rating you want, check out larger islands, such as Crete, Evia, or Lesbos. Each island has its own unique flavor, but Crete is worth mentioning in further detail because it is the largest Greek island. Resorts like Chania and Heraklion are fabulous places to stay with a bustling atmosphere. Chania is served by its own international airport, but it isn't that far to drive from Chania to smaller resorts on Crete, such as Plakias on the south of the island. Don't overlook the Greek mainland either. You can enjoy a great stay in Athens with its many antiquities. For a beach vacation on the mainland, consider Parga, Kalamaki, or Thessaloniki, all fabulous choices with hotels available at surprisingly affordable prices considering the luxury on offer.

What facilities should you expect from a boutique hotel in Greece?

Hotel room prices tend to include the basics, such as air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and cable TV. However, you will have to consider the possibility of surcharges for rooms with a view of the pool or beach. Hotels with the best views tend to command the highest prices for obvious reasons. That said, not all Greek hotels offer additional services, like spa facilities. Check whether your preferred boutique hotel has a spa. If it does, then confirm whether or not the spa will be open during your stay. The dates that some hotel spa treatment centers will be open only coincide with the high season. In addition, some guests will want to book watersports activities in the sea, such as waterskiing or SCUBA diving. Again, room prices might not include these extras, and they may only be available in the summer, so read up on what will be available to see if your vacation dates coincide with when such activities can be carried out.

What are Greek service levels like at boutique hotels?

Greek hospitality is world-famous, and you will likely enjoy a fabulous vacation wherever you stay in the country. That said, many guests agree with the widely held view that a stay in a boutique hotel in Greece means being able to enjoy even better customer service. You may notice this in the quality of food at the hotel restaurant or the attentiveness of the staff who book you into your rooms. Even in a traditional hotel property in Greece, modern service levels can be expected with every luxury catered for. That's why booking boutique suites and rooms in Greece is likely to lead to a fabulous vacation that will linger in the memory for a long time.

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