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Whether you would like a small casa rental in a Spanish location with sea views or you'd prefer a luxury hotel room set in a resort, there are plenty of top-quality boutique options to choose from. Whatever your view of the USD to EUR exchange rate right now, booking a luxury boutique hotel room in Spain often means obtaining affordable luxury with great customer service. Set your dates, search for a suitable boutique hotel, and compare prices for a beautiful stay you won't forget. With so many exclusive luxury hotels and comfortable suites to choose from, you can't go wrong with a Spanish boutique hotel.

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Track down the perfect boutique hotel for a memorable stay in Spain

It is easy to find a house, or casa, to book your stay in. Many boutique rentals are located close to the beach in a resort with plenty to do even if you are not in the town center. Moreover, luxury accommodation in Spain also includes some beautiful boutique hotels, many of which offer contemporary luxury that will help to make your vacation even more comfortable, whatever your views on affordable luxury happen to be. Choosing whether to rent a luxury house for a casa-style vacation or book a boutique hotel is very much a matter of personal choice, of course. In fact, some resort hotels offer a casa or villa on their grounds where you can stay and still enjoy the exclusive amenities of the luxury hotel. This way, you will get the best of both worlds. Nevertheless, the type of hotel or casa accommodation you book often isn't as important as the luxury you can expect. Fortunately, in Spain, boutique hotels often have a high star rating that is a true reflection of the luxury and design style on offer. Four and five-star ratings are common for boutique hotels throughout Spain, so read the reviews of each of the luxury hotels you are interested in and decide whether or not to book. Note that some luxury hotels have boutique rooms that come with exclusive offers. This may affect which dates you will book and even where on the map of Spain you will be located. That said, seeking out exclusive offers is part of what makes obtaining a comfortable stay in a luxury Spanish boutique hotel room so much fun. What else should you consider before you book luxury rooms and boutique suites in Spain?

Where in Spain is the best place for a charming boutique hotel stay?

Most reviews of the Spanish Balearic Islands are justified in their descriptions of just how beautiful they can be at any time of the year. Islands like Ibiza have a reputation for a busy nightlife, and this will suit adults whether they are looking for contemporary luxury or some more rural style. However, Ibiza and nearby islands like Menorca and Majorca, are just as suited to family vacations. Adults and children tend to love islands whether they are by the beach, located in a town, or somewhere much more rustic in the countryside. Note that many boutique hotels on the islands have sea views, but you can find rural accommodation in the charming countryside, too, and still have a sea view. Although generally more rustic, countryside boutique hotels are often charming, something that will be reflected in their reviews. Elsewhere, the Costa del Sol, in the south, is both beautiful and popular. A resort like Malaga, on Spain's southern coast, has many luxury hotels by the beach to choose from, for example. If you want a beach holiday on the mainland and not one of the nearby Mediterranean islands, then the Costa Brava will be worth looking into. This part of the map covers a big city like Barcelona. A tourist destination in its own right, you can book boutique hotel rooms all over the city center, but it might be more fun to stay in a nearby town on the Costa Brava and travel into the historic center of Barcelona when you want. Prices in any resort town for boutique hotel rooms go up in the summer, of course, but cities like Seville, Barcelona, and Madrid tend to offer consistent pricing (in EUR) throughout the year.

What facilities should a luxury boutique hotel in Spain have?

Every boutique hotel in the country offers some special luxury. In some hotels, it will be the restaurant that makes it stand out as a place of exclusive luxury. Sometimes, a four-star rating will become a five-star rating, and the luxury hotel will enjoy better reviews not because of the style of its rooms but because of its restaurant. Therefore, when rating one luxury hotel against another, check the restaurant and what you can expect to view on a typical menu. Many boutique hotels in Spain offer traditional cuisine on their menus, but some restaurant menus provide more contemporary European food. It is worth checking before you book a particular luxury hotel room so you will know what to expect from the hotel restaurant. In Spain, most luxury hotels will have a pool, and some will have more than one swimming pool. In a luxury resort, you might even find that private pool suites are available, as well, allowing you to swim in style. If you want a chic stay in a luxury nineteenth-century hotel, look in the heart of one of Spain's historic cities. Even if there is no beach access in a historic hotel in the heart of Madrid, for example, you can usually expect a luxury spa in the hotel. Chic spa facilities have been added to many of the turn-of-the-century hotels in Spain. That said, you also find spa facilities in resort hotels, too, nowadays, such is their popularity. Check the prices, though, because some luxury hotels charge for spa treatments in USD while others quote EUR depending on the clientele. Overall, luxury spa facilities are often chic and well-run throughout Spain in all of its boutique hotels.

Why book a boutique hotel for a vacation in Spain?

Standard hotels tend to have a standard design aesthetic you can find anywhere in Europe. Despite the high rating that a standard hotel may enjoy, it won't necessarily be as charming as a more individualistic boutique hotel. Yes, boutique hotel rooms can be small compared to some larger establishments, especially those in the countryside where charming rural chic may be on offer. However, this is not universal, and quirky boutique hotel rooms need not be small. Indeed, some are larger than average. Whether you book a traditional hotel in rural Spain or opt for a luxury hotel in the heart of the city center, you can set your sights on something altogether more comfortable and charming. Boutique hotels offer a style of their own wherever they are located on the map, in a beach resort or in the heart of the Spanish countryside. As mentioned, you are also more likely to obtain a superior restaurant, spa or pool when you book into a luxury hotel, too.

When are prices favorable in Spain for a boutique hotel vacation?

When you see luxury hotel room prices quoted in EUR, remember that this is what you will pay on arrival, so prices can fluctuate if the GBP or USD exchange rate with the EUR changes after you book. That said, luxury hotel prices in Spain are more likely to fluctuate because of seasonal variations. For example, luxury beach resort hotels tend to have the highest prices in the summer from June until late September, regardless of their rating. Even a hotel with a relatively low rating in a city like Barcelona will have higher prices if there is an international trade fair that coincides with your dates since it is harder to book rooms at such times. An exclusive stay in a luxury house rental is less likely to be affected by a surge in prices caused by local events, however. Generally speaking, rooms in contemporary-style hotels are more over the festive season, too. Some resort hotels even close down for the winter, worth bearing in mind if you want to stay by the beach in a luxury hotel. Regardless of the hotel rating, prices will often be higher for adults-only resorts. You can find these luxury hotels in rustic locations as well as by the beach or the city center. Typically, the house rules for adults-only luxury hotels mean over 18s only, so you'll need to take a view on whether this will suit you while you're in Spain.

What's the best way to enjoy a memorable vacation in Spain?

If you want a beautiful stay during your chosen dates, then think about exclusive offers that your preferred boutique hotel may have, such as a free breakfast in the hotel restaurant or a spa treatment that is thrown in. Don't set your heart on something only to find it isn't possible during your vacation dates, either. Boutique and luxury hotels with a high rating should offer year-round services, such as access to indoor and outdoor pools, but don't assume. Check what comes with the price of your luxury rooms or suites before you book any boutique hotel. You won't want to find out that access to the hotel pool is restricted during your vacation dates, for example. Next, consider where on the map you will want to be located. Islands like Ibiza have their own airports, but not all of the smaller Spanish islands do, so this may involve boat travel. That said, hopping between islands from one boutique hotel to the next can be fun and more comfortable than you might expect. Don't be put off staying in the countryside on islands like Ibiza because the rustic views you can obtain are often beautiful, and the design of a more rural hotel may be to your liking. Boutique hotels on islands like Ibiza often have beautiful views because such islands are very steep in the countryside, meaning you'll get a luxury sea view from nearly any part of the map. Finally, always confirm the rating of the boutique hotel you plan to book, whether you will stay on one of the islands or in a town on the mainland. The luxury hotel rating won't tell you everything, but it will provide a strong indication of the quality of the restaurant, spa, pool, and suites. It may also indicate why exclusive offers at the top-rated luxury hotels in Spain are often even better than those for lower-rated ones.

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