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For more than 10 years, Myboutiquehotel is the N.1st booking platform to find and book a boutique hotel with more than 3500 handpicked properties around the world. 

Commentaires clients

4,6/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

Great website, very easy to use and good service.

By Melania, 7/01/20, after a stay at Standard High line New York.

4,8/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

Very nice website

By Franky, 1/01/20, after a stay at Browns Downton Lisbon.

4,6/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

Very easy booking

By Anna, 27/11/19, after a stay at At Six Hotel Stockholm.

4,4/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

Easy to make a reservation, love your website.

By Anita, 19/10/19 after a stay at Le Montelembert Hotel Paris.


Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

Website easy to use and the Pavillon de la Reine was what we were looking for. Thank you!

By Mike, 10/10/19, after a stay at Pavillon de la Reine, Paris.

customer happy

4,2/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

Very good, happy to use again your website.

By Colin, 10/9/19, after a stay at Cafe Royal Hotel London, United Kingdom.

4,7/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

Very good, happy to use again

By Colin, 25/8/19, after a stay at Faena Hotel Miami Beach, Florida. 

4,6/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

Good in that am able to discover new places.

By Isabella, 20/8/19, after a stay at Urso Hotel M & Spa, Madrid.

4,3/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

BoutiqueHotel was great, everything went smoothly.

Par Juergen, 18/08/19, after a stay at Grace Hotel Mykonow, Greece. 


4,5/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

Everything is always fine with your website.

By Tanja, 10/08/19, after a stay at Katikies Hotel Oia Santorini


Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

You get what you see. I booked a hotel through this site and it was excellent. 

By Noella, 5/8/19, after a stay at Le Relais Christine, Paris. 

4,7/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

good site when you want to book designed hotels

By Johansson, 17/07/19, after a stay at Koe Hotel Tokyo. 









4,2/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

Good recomendations, and the chat is very helfull.. 

By George, 10/07/19, after a stay at The Dude Berlin Mitte, Berlin.

4,3/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

Very helpful and descriptive. The hotel met expectations and the surrounding area was very pleasant. The website was easy to follow and follow-up on my reservation was appreciated. Many thanks,


By Kathleen 10/2/19, after a stay at The Slate Hotel Nai Yan Beach Phuket,  Thailand

Commentaires clients

4,6/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

No problem with my booking, everything was ok even having done it with a lot of time in advance

By Xabier, 05/01/19after a stay at Hotel du Petit Moulin, Paris. 

4,6/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

Generally good website and booking facility

By Hakan, 28/12/18, after a stay at The Standard Hotel Los Angeles, CA.

4,6/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

I have booked a hotel based on your recommendations, it was really a great hotel Thanks you

By Mike, 12/12/18, after a stay at The Como Uma Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. 

4,2/5Commentaires Clients Myboutiquehotel

I don't waste my time anymore on generic websites, I find always the perfect hotel on your website. Love it. 

By Stefania, 8/11/18, after a stay at The Grootbos Private NAture Reserve hotel, South Africa.